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How To Apply?


The Parent Relationship Officer will assist parents in filling out the registration form. They will also collect the registration fee and register the child through the Process Manager. A Registration/ System ID will be generated and entered in the form, serving as a receipt for the registration payment. Detailed information may be obtained from relevant school offices.


Once the registration process is complete, a tentative time will be given to the child and parents for the admission test. The headmistress, senior mistress or class teacher may also be present at the time of the test. Parents will then be informed of the results irrespective of whether the child has cleared the test or not.


After passing initial test, you'll move on to the Interview at The Discovery Centre. This step allows us to know you better and assess your alignment with our values. Once Interview successfully cleared, our school accountant will record your child's details and generate a fee voucher, simplifying the enrollment process & help your child on their educational journey.


Discovery Centre reserves the right to change or withdraw any of the policies mentioned in the prospectus without notice. Please note: Although the school sends out a circular to update contact information once a year, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the school is immediately notified of any change of address/telephone number(s).